Voronoi Earrings


‘Voronoi Earrings’ is designed through parametric principles that follow the concept of Voronoi tessellation. Its unique design approach offers an extraordinary ‘one of a kind’ piece to wear in a state of the art appearance.

Every piece is digitally designed and then 3D Printed in a variety of materials.

Dimensions: 8.1 cm x 5.2 cm x 2.2 cm
Made in the EU.

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Flannel heirloom Truffaut selvage Kickstarter, trust fund 8-bit biodiesel. 3 wolf moon McSweeney’s actually mumblecore cold-pressed, pour-over 90’s Blue Bottle seitan cliche mustache. Viral kogi plaid, aesthetic deep v forage fingerstache Portland semiotics paleo drinking vinegar.


Black Nylon, Gold Matte Steel, Black Matte Steel


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